The Ocean Park

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What a blast the kids will have on this Ocean Park


The Ocean Park includes two large slides, massive pool area and two water cannons for added fun this summer. The kids will be splashing and sliding with all of their friends. The Ocean Park can accomodate up to 4 players and will be a favourite at any birthday party, special occasion, play dates or in any backyard.This item can be used with or without water. Like all our Happy Hop range it is constructed with a heavy duty 3 layered PVC material on the high traffic areas (Climb area and Slide). Unlike many other products on the market this helps to ensure years of entertainment for the little ones. Trust Happy Hop.

Features & Accessories

  • Two water cannons
  • Two slides
  • Climbing wall
  • Easy set up and take down. Inflates in less than a minute
  • Australian approved and certified Happy Hop inflatable with a 12 month manufactures warranty
  • Powered by a constant flow electric air blower to ensure it remains inflated during play time
  • XXL carry bag for easy storage and transportation
  • Repair kit and instructions
  • Ground stakes/pegs for securing the inflatable
  • Water jet set and hose connection

Domestic use only. Strictly not for rental or commercial use. 

Size Guide


Approx. Inflated dimensions:

• Length 5.25m

• Width 5.15m

• Height 2.95m

Manufacturers recommendations:

• Max. weight per player: 45kg

• Max. total weight on inflated area: 135kg (excluding splash pool)

• Max. players: 4

Quality & Materials


Quality Jumping Castles


Quality - Material & Stitching

Our products are constructed with a combination of high grade laminated polyester and multi layered PVC materials to ensure durability and functionality. Our materials are fire-resistant and comply with Australian toy safety standards and has UV resistant coating.

Double- to quadruple-stitched high grade laminated polyester and multi layered PVC materials throughout the entire unit supports rugged activity. Reinforced seams ensure puncture-proof jumping.  

Safety Design & Certifications

Our Happy Hop products undertake extensive quality control testing to ensure all of our products are safe.  They meet the EN71 Safety Standards. Our materials are fire-resistant and comply with Australian toy safety standards. Large viewing windows that are made from strong, secure mesh, while Velcro openings and a giant safety step to help kids enter and exit safely.

Setup Instructions
* Jumping castle shown in the video is another model but the setup instructions are the same.

Step 1 : Review ground where product will be placed

Ensure the ground where you will place the product is on a soft level and free from any sharp objects and debris. Remove product from carry bag and place the product as close to the power source as possible.

Step 2 : How to use the blower 

Stretch the inflation tube and attach it to the end of the blower. Ensure the blower power switch is turned 'Off'. The blower should be securely affixed to the ground before use. Turn the blower power switch to 'on' and this must be left on at all times while the product is in use. The product should be inflated. 

Wet Function: Attach the spray nozzles to the velcro at the top beam. Attach the hose to water supply and turn on the water supply when the product is fully inflated.

Step 3 : Using the water function

Attach the spray nozzles to the velcro at the top beam. Attach the hose to water supply and turn on the water supply when the product is fully inflated.

Step 4 : Affix support stakes to the ground for safety

Ground support stakes are used for lawn ground surfaces. Hook and fit each stake through each loop in the product and push stakes firmly into the soil to ensure the product doesn't lift while or move while being in use.

Warranty information


The seams and stitching on your inflatable is covered by a 12 month manufacturers warranty.  Your warranty wills start on the day the item is dispatched.   If you have a warranty claim please contact us via 0296266668 for instructions or email us on

Our warranty only applies to the original purchaser from our online or retail store and is strictly not transferable. If the serial number is removed, altered or defaced, the warranty is void.

  • All warranties provided are conditional upon family domestic use of the product and not for rental, lending or other commercial uses
  • Mould and or sun damage is NOT covered by warranty, as this is dependent on the care and maintenance of the inflatable.
  • The Warranty only applies to purchases made in Australia, and the item must be kept in Australia.
  • Warranty does not apply to damage resulting from:
    • Abuse, misuse, sun damage, mould, excessive use, failure to follow instructions, improper or abnormal usage; 
    • Unauthorised repairs, alterations or modifications from an unauthorised third party;
    • The inflatables must be packed away after every use;
    • Animal or Pest damage;
    • Ordinary wear & tear of the product


The blower has a 12 month manufacturers warranty.  If your blower is not starting, please check the connections and press the reset button on the plug. You may also need to try plugging it into a different outlet. If your blower still does not work, please email and you should receive a response within 48hours. Please ensure you have your proof of purchase, a valid mobile number and email address, as this will be required for the warranty process.


All inflatable jumping castles and water slides are repairable and patches can be purchased from us. Tears can also be sewn up by needle and strong thread.  As the inflatables are assembled by hand, loose outer stitching on the seams of the jumping castles are common, and this is why these products are double stitched and have multiple layers of sewing inside. These will in no way affect the function of your inflatable.

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