Why hire when you can buy?

Why hire when you can buy?

As parents, we are always looking for ways for our children to have clean, safe fun, and what better way to do it than by buying a jumping castle? Jumping castles are a hit at parties, fairs, school events, and even on lazy summer days at home with friends and family. Watching the children enjoy hours upon hours of fun and exercise while you sit back and relax is priceless. Above all, a jumping castle will provide your children with the wonderful opportunity to play with their friends in a safe and friendly environment.

These thoughts are usually enough to make anybody consider buying a jumping castle, but there are many other reasons to favour buying over jumping castle hire. Considering the shape of today’s economy, if you hire a jumping castle, you will end up spending much more money than by simply purchasing one.

Hiring involves several hidden costs, including those of insurance, labour, and transportation, which can make it more expensive. You should also take into account that it may be quite difficult to hire a jumping castle from one day to the next, so you will have to plan your event around the availability of the game, whereas owning it means you can set it up whenever you want, without any wait.

A jumping castle or inflatable water slide, when well maintained, can last for many years, so you will recover your investment shortly after your purchase. Speaking of maintenance, the care and upkeep of a jumping castle is quite inexpensive, and if properly cared for, it is unlikely you will have to spend much money on it for a long time. While some normal wear and tear is to be expected, good storage habits and preventing the use of shoes during play time, will guarantee the life of your jumping castle.

Performing maintenance on your own jumping castle, can also give you peace of mind. When you maintain your own set up, you know exactly what has been done, or what needs to be done, which will increase the safety of your children when using the device. On the contrary, you can’t be sure of how well maintained a hired jumping castle is, so the risks to the kids can increase greatly.

All in all, buying your own jumping castle or inflatable water slide will prove to be one of the best investment you will ever make into your children’s leisure time, turning your home into the centre of attention of all their friends, transforming those hours that would be wasted by trivial and useless activities into exercise, improved health, and enjoyment.

Shoes Off – or Cossies On –  Let Fun Times Begin – Cheap on Price – Long on Value!

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