Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are your jumping castles manufactured?

Materials: 14- to 16-ounce heavy-duty, laminated and coated vinyl and nylon. Our materials are puncture-proof, fire-resistant and comply with Australian toy safety standards.

Workmanship: Double- to quadruple-stitched vinyl throughout the entire unit supports rugged activity. Reinforced seams ensure puncture-proof jumping.

Safety precautions: Large viewing windows are made from strong, secure mesh, while Velcro openings and a giant safety step help kids enter and exit safely.

2. We heard some minor hissing sound from the seam, is that normal?

This is very normal. All inflatable jumping castles on the market are sewn with heavy threading yet not completely sealed, so that air can continually escape.
* Please note that our warranty service is only valid for normal use not for rental or other commercial uses and is valid only to the original purchaser with a proof of purchase from an Authorised Happy Hop Dealer.

Tears: All inflatable jumping castles and slides are repairable, professional patches can be purchased from us. Tears can also be sewn up by needle and strong thread.

Mould: Take care when storing and make sure the your castle is not wet or is being stored in a damp area. Mould damage is not covered by warranty service.

Some minor hissing sounds coming from our jumping castle's seam is normal. All inflatable jumping castles on the market are sewn with heavy threading yet not completely sealed, so that air can continually escape.

A loose outer stitching end inside the jumping castle is not uncommon as they are assembled by hand. That is why these products are double stitched and have multiple layers of sewing inside. These will in no way affect the function of the bounce house.

Blower: If your blower is not starting, please check the connections and press the reset button on the plug. You may also need to try plugging it into a different outlet. If your blower still does not work, please contact the authorised dealer the jumping castle was purchased from.

3. Do you have a showroom or store where I can see your products inflated?

Yes, we currently have a showroom in Prospect NSW that has a variety of models inflated. These change frequently so we are unable to inform you as to what may be inflated ahead of time.

4. An item is out of stock, can I pre order it?

Some items are available for pre order on the website, and you will see a  banner on the image saying 'available for pre order' with an ETA date.

5. Where are your stores located and can I pay and pick up?

Yes, payment can be made in store with cash or card and online pick ups are most welcome. To ensure you get the item you want, it is preferred that you order online so we can assign the item to your order as we have limited space for stock in our stores.

King Of Discounts
27 Rowood Rd 
Prospect 2148
7 Days
8:30am - 5:30pm

6. Whereabouts can I pick up in Brisbane?

Our QLD depot is located in Jimboomba and is by appointment only. If you wish to pick up from here, please email us what product you are interested in to ensure we have it in stock at this location.

7. Can I place an order over the phone or may a payment?

Yes, you can call one of our friendly sales staff on 1300 309 009.

8. How do I change or cancel my order?

If you have made a mistake or changed your mind about your order, you can request a change or cancellation by sending an email to 

You will need your order number so we can change the correct order. Please note any changes needed can only be actioned if the item has not already been dispatched.

9. When does my 12 month manufacturer's warranty start?

The 12 month manufacturers warranty starts the day of dispatch irrespective of it being paid in full or on lay by.

10. Do you ship overseas?

Little Kids Jumping Castles are authorised to ship our products throughout Australia & New Zealand only.

To find your local Happy Hop Agent please email

11. What do I do if my jumping castle or inflatable has mould?

Mould is generally evident that the jumping castle or inflatable has not been dried thoroughly or it has been stored in a damp area.

Try using warm soapy water and a splash of vinegar with a soft cloth.  Do not use harsh abrasive chemicals or scourers.  Do not use bleach or exit mould. This will stain and damage the item.

12. Do you sell replacement parts for an item I have purchased?

Yes, you can purchase only what you require however, we will need the SKU number in order to assure that you are receiving the correct replacement for your inflatable.

13. How can I choose the most suitable jumping castle/water slide for my family?

When shopping for a jumping castle, you can start by checking out the specifications (weight limit, materials) and features of our different models. All of our jumping castle range is of the finest-quality design, material and workmanship.

14. Can I use your jumping castle for rental?

Our domestic jumping castles are not for commercial use. If used for business, our warranty will not cover it. There is small print on the jumping castle which says "not for commercial use".

15. Can adults go in and jump with the kids?

The Happy Hop jumping castles and water slide range all come with a manufacturing specification panel. However, these specifications have tolerances built into them. An adult can get into a castle to help a child but the product is not designed for adult use.